Directora: María Belén Moncayo
Facebook: Archivo AANME
Celular/WhatsApp: (593) 991735442
Dirección: Av.6 de diciembre 2373 y Calle La Niña esq.
edif. Multicentro, piso 18, dpto. 18i

Hoja de Vida María Belén Moncayo


– Associate Degree in English by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador.


– Creative Writing Workshop in Spanish with writer Abdón Ubidia. Editorial “El

Conejo”. Quito. 1998

– Activist in Human Rights: Women, Immigrants, LGBTIQ and Nature Rights,

for the last 10 years

– Current Remote Spanish tutor, translator, proofreader, writer and interpreter

– Independent curator, archivist and researcher on experimental video and


– Associate Degree in Graphic Design by Metropolitana Escuela de Diseño

Industrial y Gráfico. Quito. 1989

– In person Spanish Tutoring in New York for teens and adults, in all levels. 2016-2020

– Translator, Transcriptionist and Proofreader for Acción Ecológica for documents to be sent to UN special rapporteurs. (currently)
– Narrator for Covid 19 Oral History Project by Columbia University (currently)

– Interpreter and Spanish Tutor for Marlena Sonn, CEO Amazonia Wealth, NY

– Activist, transcriptionist, researcher and writer for “Corredores Migratorios“

experience helping Cuban and Colombian refugees in Ecuador. (currently)
– Tutor for SIT Study Abroad, Spanish-English feminist research, 2016

– Master, Degree and Postgraduate papers proofreader in Spanish. Specially

for FLACSO and UASB. Quito, 2000-(currently)

– Editor of novels and artivist projects, including written text in Spanish

– Film and video critic. Diverse genres, in printed and virtual sites such

as: Boletín del Cine OchoyMedio, Diners Magazine, Ecuador,


– Scientific essayist in specialized publications of experimental film and video

art, for publishers in Ecuador, Spain, Brazil and the United States; 2005-2017

– Cinematographic appreciation teacher in Corporación de Tecnologías

Digitales. Quito, 2004 – 2010

– Author of the book: “Ecuador, 100 Artists of the experimental audiovisual

1929-2011”, Sponsored by the Prince Claus Foundation of the Netherlands,


– Socio-political-cultural analyst in virtual Ecuadorian spaces, on issues of

contemporary events; especially in feminism, environmentalism and civil

society. Internet, 2005 – 2018

– Co-author of the script “I Love Roosevelt Ave”, about the original idea of

James García Sotomayor, 2016 (To be filmed in New York)

– Author of the essay “‘Fax Fatory’ Studios: Solá Film”, included in the book

“Ism, Ism, Ism. Experimental Film in Latin America” by Los Angeles Film

Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 2017. A project for the Getty’s Pacific Standard


– Director of AANME Archive (Asociación Archivo Nuevos Medios Ecuador)

And archive dedicated to Ecuadorian videoart and experimental film.

2001-Current (independent job)

– Current Spanish private tutor for Beginners, Intermediate and High level. Students:

Environmentalists, Economists, Feminists, Physicians, Lawyers, Activists,

Real Staters, teens preparing for Regents exams. (In person in New York till July 2020. Now remote from Quito). Current translator from English to Spanish, freelance jobs.